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​​Freddy Garcia-Arequipa

​My name is Freddy Garcia Arequipa  and I recently graduated from Dover High School. I had put countless effort and dedication into my past four years in school because I knew that if I didn’t, getting into or affording a good college would not be easy for my family. However, my father had a devastating accident in February of 2017, and it put my family in a low state.

He was driving the dump truck he worked in when it tipped, and he had a stroke as a result. He was in a coma for a few days, and was paralyzed for a few months after. My mother spent most of her time with my dad in the hospital, even though she was the only one working to keep us financially stable. I could have looked for a job myself, but my mother told me to focus as much as I could on school, because it was almost time to apply to college.

I had always been a good student, but after my father’s accident, a good student wouldn’t be enough to support my family. The only way to truly support my family then, was by getting into a college that would not only put me on the best path to my career, but would also support my family with being able to afford school. The universities that could really do that for me were the big names everybody knows: Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, etc. Those schools only accepted spectacular students, so that is what I strived to be.

I did all of my homework as early as I could, so I could have time to help around the house. I studied enough for tests to earn the grades to raise my GPA. I practiced plenty for the SAT so I could have a score the big schools would consider. I did everything in my power to become a spectacular student, and when the time came I was ready to apply to my top choice, Stanford University. I spent weeks putting my heart, sweat, and tears into their application, and even though I was doubtful of getting in to the most selective school in the United States, I was accepted. I will be studying Engineering Physics, and I hope to be an engineer, but I am not sure in what specific field. I hope Stanford helps me grow as a person and shows me what career choice is best for me.

​Although Stanford’s Financial Aid Department has been extremely generous, I am grateful and honored to receive the Comp-X Medical Services and Kids’ Chance of New Jersey scholarship to help pay for any remaining balances. This scholarship will allow me to focus on pursuing my educational dreams rather than stress over finances. Kids’ Chance of New Jersey is truly a great organization.