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​Juliette Phillips

​My name is Juliette Phillips and I will be a Sophomore attending Iona College in New Rochelle, New York in the fall. I will be pursuing a degree in Business. Over the next four years I plan to work extremely hard to learn everything I need in order to pursue this career. I intend to study abroad during college for the experience, and to understand how other countries handle business related matters. I hope to graduate by 2022 and begin working.

For as long as I can remember my mother has been battling Multiple Sclerosis. In 2011 however, she suffered a back injury at work. For years after the back injury, she continued to work until it became practically impossible. She soon retired in October of 2017. My mom has always been able to find a way to make the money we had work, but I could tell some months she was struggling. As I get ready to attend college, I wonder if my mom will be able to support the new bills, and the old ones.

I am grateful for the Kids’ Chance of New Jersey Scholarship because it will not only help my mother pay for my education, but it will also help me pursue my education knowing that I’m not financially making my mother struggle. This opportunity would benefit me and my family in many ways that I could never thank you enough.