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Alexandra Kurnath

My name is Alexandra Kurnath and I am an upcoming Senior at High Point University. Many people would describe me as a passionate and caring person who loves having a good time and making the best out of any situation. A good sense of humor is necessary to get through every day, especially after the circumstances my family has been through. I ran track and pole vaulted throughout high school and have danced for fifteen years. Dance has always been a passion of mine and I continue it at school by taking yoga and zumba classes.

Going to college has always been a huge dream of mine and at High Point University I truly feel at home. I have been so blessed to have spent the past two years at such an amazing school because of all my parents have done for me. One of my biggest goals in life is to make my parents proud and hopefully be able to one day pay them back for all they have sacrificed for my sisters and I. Another dream of mine is to be able to travel the world. Studying abroad through school would be fulfilling a huge part of this dream. With this scholarship, my chances are greatly increased ot make that come true. Graduating College with a B.A. in human relations and a minor in communication are my biggest goals at the moment. I hope to take this major and minor to help the world in whatever way I can. Using my education to make the world a better place would be considered a huge success in my eyes.

My father’s spinal cord injury has only encouraged me to further my dreams and success. He has been the biggest role model to me for my entire life and will always continue to be. His progress and positive attitude have inspired me in ways I could never imagine. His ability to take this life-altering situation and turn it into a positive obstacle is truly motivational. Along with my dad’s injury, my mother has shown me day after day the true strength of a woman who can withstand anything life throws her way, and for that I will always be grateful. My family has always given me strength and support and now I hope to do the same with this scholarship and my education.