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Ashley McDuffie

My name is Ashley McDuffie. I am the definition of what people may call a strong woman who has faced some of the most difficult obstacles in life. I am 21 years old, in school full-time, and work part-time. I work at the TSG, The Shauger Group, a construction compa­ny, serving as an Office Assistant, responsible for certificate of insurance tracking, job file maintenance and various other clerical duties. I am willing to go beyond to get a job done. I take my appearance into full consideration because it speaks well of your character. I love fashion, modeling and wardrobe. As a result, of my pre-mature nephew, my interest lies in caring for newborn babies, healthy and with severe birth issues held in the NICU.

Previously, I attended County College of Morris for my freshman and sophomore year,

where I began the studies of becoming a registered nurse. I am now a junior at Bloomfield College, where I plan to further my education. This is the year of most importance, where I as well as other students are tested to proceed into the nursing program. It will be an elevation step to reaching my goals. With that being said, my career goals consist of receiving my degree as a registered nurse and model as a minor or to begin my own fashion line.

In the year of 2012, my life took a turn for the worst. As many of you know that was the year when hurricane sandy oc­curred. Due to a tragic accident, it left me fatherless, and broken hearted. Found in the Passaic River, my dad drowned, with water overtaking his lungs, after being left in water for several hours. Waiting hours and hours for him to return home, police came and told us an accident had taken place and we can find him at the morgue. Till this day, and days to come there will always be an empty place in my heart, but knowing he was one of my biggest supporters I push harder to make him proud.

This accident did not only affect me but it also affected my family, especially financially. Such a sudden tragedy leaves my mom helpless when it comes to bills and tuition. She struggles to make ends meet for her children and grandchildren as much as she can. This is why the KCNJ scholarship will be very helpful and greatly appreciated since it will alleviate some of the financial burden on my mother. It will also help me obtain my dreams to follow my goals in life.

Furthermore, I am honored that you have decided to choose me as one of your candidates for this scholarship. I follow the motto, “education is key” and with you granting me this opportunity to go with less stressful financial headaches, there are no other setbacks, so I will strive to be the best. Once again I sincerely thank you for thinking of me, helping me as well as my family with my career goals.