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Corinne Levy

Hello, my name is Corinne Levy. I am 20 years old and I live in Tuckerton, New Jersey with my parents and younger brother. I am currently a sopho­more at Rider University as a Theatre Major; however, I am transferring to Relativity School in Los Angeles, California in the fall 2015. I will be work­ing toward a BFA in Film and Acting.

I have been singing, dancing and acting since I was 3 years old. I love being on stage and performing. When I was in high school, I received 3 Governor Awards, one being nominated “Best Actress” at (STANJ) The Speech and Theatre Association of New Jersey competition held annually at Rutgers University. I am very fortunate to have parents who have con­tinued to support my love for the stage and have given more than they can afford to support my goals.

My father was a correctional officer before he became disabled. He would share stories of what it was like to work in a prison with inmates who have committed the most heinous crimes imaginable. Unfortunately, my father sustained personal injury due to occupational exposure. He now suffers with anxiety, depression, panic disorder and agoraphobia from the stress of his job. Physical injuries are more prevalent and maybe more easily acceptable, but in my father’s case, a psychiatric impairment caused by his job is not as easily measurable. I know he wishes he could do more for our family, regardless of his injuries, I will always look up to him as a positive role model and loving father.

My father receives a very limited fixed income from Workman’s Compensation and Social Security each month. My mother is an elementary school teacher and receives a ten-month pay­check. They just get by financially, yet they have put themselves in debt to help me go to college. My first two years of college have required 2 loans of $25,000. Our family has opted to begin payments now so that the loans do not triple and accrue large amounts of interest. I do work when I am not in school to help pay for my loans. I save up enough money to make monthly loan payments while I’m at school until I can work again.

I have been offered a unique opportunity to attend a college out in Los Angeles where the school is an actual working studio. The cost of travel and the cost of living on the west coast will be an added expense. This Kids’ Chance of NJ scholarship is truly a blessing and will help me reach my goals of becoming a performer a reality. Once I become a successful actress, my goal is to one day be standing on stage at the Oscars publicly thanking Kids’ Chance for supporting me and others like me in need and in turn I plan to pay it forward and become a Kids’ Chance sponsor to those who follow.