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Pedro Morejon

My name is Pedro Morejon; I am currently a third year mechanical student at Rutgers University. My life growing up was very normal from an outside perspective, but many people don’t know the trials and tribulations that occurred. I lived in Ecuador and was raised by my grandfather till about the age of 6, that is when  my older brother and I was brought to the United States by my Mom and Dad, who until that time I had seen very little of as they had been pursuing the American Dream.

Everything my father had taught me as well as all the hardships that he endured always kept me motivated and focused. During high school these traits manifested themselves to into State Championships in both cross-country and Track. In the classroom, I was the Vice-President of the National Honor Society and the President of the World Language Honor Society.

March 21, 2011 the day everything changed, my Dad was in a truck accident that left him fully disabled. The accident pain that my father went through in addition to  having his lifestyle change forever, is something no one should ever have to endure. He can no longer do work around the house, and the list goes on and on. Even the most menial of jobs is a challenge for my poor father.

There could have not been a worse time for that accident to happen because my mother was out of the country at the time which left my brother and I with all the responsibilities including taking care of my grandfather who had come to live with us. It was also the time I was applying to universities, scholarships, and high school graduation.

My father’s interests in auto mechanics and machinery played a great role in my decision to attend The School of Engineering of Rutgers University. I will be graduating in the Spring of 2015 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. At school I am active as a Varsity Club Wrestler and an active member of the Society for Hispanic Engineers and The American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Not only has it been an emotional burden seeing my father battle the pain of his injuries these past three years, but a huge financial burden every time the term bill is due for school. I am forced to take out loans at interest rates that are unfeasible to a college student. I am so grateful for the The Kids’ Chance of NJ Scholarship; it will greatly reduce the worry of paying my bills and will help support the lifestyle that my father would have wanted for his son. This organization will truly make a huge difference in my life.