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Scott Kwiatek

My name is Scott Kwiatek. I was born February 14, 1996. A couple of months after my birth, my Dad, Louis Kwiatek Jr., died. He was killed in a building explosion while at work. I live and always have lived in South Amboy, New Jersey. In my early life as a kid attending elementa­ry school, I had straight A’s. I was a good student but did not have a lot of friends. The friends I did have were a handful and part of the school band. The flute was my instrument of choice, I was part of many musi­cals and parades during this time.

Moving into middle school, I saw a dramatic change. As a student I finally enjoyed more freedom. Then, high school came into my life. I

found myself finding high school the best years of my life. I played many sports during the past four years including basketball, soccer, baseball, and track. By far my favorite is baseball for that is the sport I have played all my life. Overall, I am grateful to have had the sup­port from my family, friends, and my loved ones.

Currently, I am going into my sophomore year at NJIT for a B.A. in Civil Engineering. Also, I would like to pursue a Masters Degree. During college, I plan to work towards an internship to gain expe­rience and increase job opportunities in my field after graduating college. Once a get a job, I plan to work hard and will be the best civil engineer I can be.

My other goal is to continue being an active member of the South Amboy First Aid Squad. I have been a member there since I was 16 and plan to stay one. I will be going to school to earn my EMT license in the next year. I want to be part of the SAFA family to help others in need. It is important for me to give back to the community as others like the Kids’ Chance of New Jersey organization has done for me.

Before receiving the Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo and Kids’ Chance of NJ Scholarship, I could only afford to go to a community college. This award has truly changed my life because now I am able to attend my dream college, NJIT. Words cannot express how grateful I am.