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Trent Schamble

My name is Trent Schamble. and I received Associates Degree at Sussex County Community College in Fire Science Technology in 2016. I am currently furthering my education and studying for a Bachelors in Fire Science Technology at Eastern Kentucky University.  I had taken one semester in between to obtain my EMT certification and Firefighter 2 certification.   Upon completion of these courses and obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree, I will begin my search for career firefighting positions. Once I achieve my goal and become a paid fireman, I want to eventually become an officer as well. After I have gained enough field experience and take the proper officer classes, I wish to work my way up in the ranks and slowly but surely become the chief of a fire department so I can further protect and aid the public while also passing on information and experience I obtained to other upcoming firemen.

Currently, I am a volunteer member of the McAfee Fire Department, and have been for the past seven years. My father and I were side by side responding to calls and aiding the public in any way we could, and had a blast doing it with the other great volunteer members of the firehouse.

Now on the day that changed my life forever, a day I will never be able to forget because it is burned into my memory as much as I wouldn’t like it to be. The day I’m speaking about is June 29, 2013, the day I was woken up by my sister, hysterically crying over the phone to me, then drove hours to a hospital to see my Dad lying there, lifeless in a hospital bed, unable to move his legs, or at the time, move at all. My father, at work on a day he wasn’t even supposed to be there, ended up slipping and falling twenty feet onto compacted clay and crushed his spine. At that moment, I went from seventeen to twenty-seven, for I was the new rock, and I had to take on much of the responsibility that my Dad had alleviated from my shoulders for as long as he could. From that day it is still a challenge to balance everything at such a young age and sometimes I’d really just like to give up, but looking at my Dad and the challenges he has overcome from his accident has given me the inspiration to push forward and take on whatever is thrown at me for I know he would do the same. Although the incident has caused me great stress, and this year has been the hardest of my life, I just look at him, for he is twice the man I am, and forever and always will be my hero.

I am very grateful to Kids’ Chance of New Jersey awarding this scholarship to help support me further my education and achieve my career aspirations. Kids’ Chance of New Jersey is such a great charity that helps so many people like me. I hope to make them proud.