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​Tyler Rogow

My name is Tyler Rogow and I will be going into my junior year at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) majoring in Social Strategy and Management with a minor in Advertising-Art Direction. My love of art and technology together with my desire to influence the world in a positive way has led me to this Major. I am excited for the opportunity to combine two of my passions into one career. 

My love of art arose after my father passed away.  My father, Scott Rogow, was a City of Paterson Firefighter for twenty years.  He was injured while fighting a fire. He suffered tremendously with complications stemming from his injury. He suffered from a stroke, had to undergo open heart surgery, three back surgeries as well as reoccurring Sepsis for two years before ultimately passing away at the age of 49.  My father loved being a firefighter. He always said it was the best job in the world. All he wanted to do was help people.

It was extremely painful for me and my family to watch the strong, outgoing man we had always known slowly loose his quality of life. I was 13 years old at the time my father passed away.  I struggled greatly after his passing. I was failing in school and suffering with depression. My life was spinning out of control. I discovered while taking an elective art class that immersing myself in creating art brought me a sense of peace.  I continued to pursue visual arts and it continued to help me in the healing process.  Slowly, I was able to focus on my academics, turn my grades around and become the outgoing person I once was. I have always had a very close-knit family. My father’s illness and eventual passing has brought us even closer and has taught me great lessons. I know that life will throw curve balls, there will be sorrow scattered throughout as well as financial difficulties and disappointments along the way. I have proven to myself that I possess the strength, courage and ability to face life’s inevitable challenges and work through them. This has given me the confidence I need to pursue my goals.

I would like to thank TwinBoro Physical Therapy and Kids’ Chance of New Jersey for awarding me this scholarship. It will definitely help lighten the financial burden that paying for a college education is having on my family as a whole. Everyone has had to make sacrifices. I do not take for granted how fortunate I am to be attending SCAD and my hope is that I will be able to continue attending. KCNJ is helping me to reach my goal of graduating from Savanah College of Art and Design, fully equipped to attain success in my field of study while lifting some of the financial burden off of my family.